photographic documentation from the future
answer from the future

The black box is a device from the future. My source tells me it is aging in reverse, and that there is knowledge stored within it: it carries answers from the future.

To activate it, you must position yourself on top of the box. Then, the first thing you must do is leave an answer for someone in the past. This must be done as an act of selfless generosity. In your mind, tell some person, or persons, in the past an answer that would help them.

Once you have left your answer to someone in the past, you have activated the box. Now you must clear your mind and wait. Because the box is from the future and is aging in reverse, people from the future who will sit there have left answers there for you. One of these answers will now find its way into your mind. Once you have received your answer, stand up and allow the next person a turn to receive an answer from the future.

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