the future

I have visited the future. I have seen the art and artifacts that will be made: the products of our future society. I have recreated what I have seen there as best as I can and present them to you here. I do not claim to understand the meaning of these things.

I have noticed human forms and basic, geometric forms – either of which may appear independently, but more often than not, they appear together. I believe the geometric forms to be technological devices, but any interpretation of mine is pure conjecture.

Often the geometric forms seem to become extensions of the human forms. Perhaps this human/machine of the future may represent our next evolutionary phase, but it puzzles me that this advanced technological element would be depicted using such basic geometric form. Perhaps the technology represented is something that is so advanced that we of this age, myself included, cannot perceive it in all its details.

It is worth noting that in the future, painting and drawing, so similar to what we know today (and have known since the time immemorial) will continue to be made. The artifacts appear to be mostly from our time and preserved as historical curiosities by future generations. The photographic documentation represents things i witnessed in the future that i found curious enough to document.








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